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Samir Abdo created Sam Abdo Couture in 1983 in the city of Novo Hamburgo, south of Brazil. At that time the young fellow decided to go thru a non volume company for shoes and handbags.

The idea 40 years ago sounded like real awkward against the time rules of making thousands of shoes for low cost to be Exported.

So, Private Label was at the time a new concept for low volume for moq´s with a better quality and absolutely all leather with handmade labor only.

During this period of 41 years Sam Abdo Couture worked for over 100 different companies around the world as a designer, modelist and line builder.

  • All designed products were made in Brazil at Sam Abdo Couture´s Atelier,
  • Using the very best of all available raw materials,
  • Including Exotic Leathers with International Cites Certifications,
  • Being one of the first companies in Brazil to issue such documents as a legal and legitimum Official Exporter throughout the world.
  • Some of the original companies remain working with Sam Abdo Couture up today,
  • Demonstrating the quality and standards were the best choice in this period of time.



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